A beautiful man

His beauty is what has of late become conventionally accepted as the norm for beauty: the hipster.  Complete with beard. A man confident in his sexuality, careless with it in the way he forgot some of the buttons on his shirt.  His tight shirt pulling against his muscles, a lean physique from sporting activities not the bulging muscles of weights training.  Such a long torso, undoubtedly with tasteful, perhaps celtic tattoos. A build that says he has sporting prowess, this man is coordinated, his touch will be sensitive.  And relaxed, sitting on the stool leaning against the bar surveying the patrons perhaps like a panther ready to spring, or a lion knowing he is king.

I think he could lose the hat.

A beautiful hipster on StoryDots

on Books

I have two sides to my table, one for drawing one for books. I love books, or more accurately I love stories and am particularly impressed with the authorial skill to put a complex story onto paper. Their own creative, original story in print. I particularly admire books because until the editor gets involved it is just the author against the story.

And as Rankin said: books are for everyone.

Minimum Wage

I will work on a series of portraits based on people doing the job they do at minimum wage, I will carefully keep a record of the time it takes me to make the artwork and sell it at the hourly rate for minimum wage.

If you earn minimum wage, send me a selfie of you at work and I will consider it as a source for an artwork.

Begin Again

I am starting from the beginning again. I lost all my webstuff and instead of starting a search to find it again I figured this is a good opportunity to start afresh. So here goes with a fresh start