How to Order: Graffiti on Canvas

I love stencil graffiti , I love the way the paint covers the canvas, sometimes smoothly, sometimes splatters. I love the simple uniform blocks of colour that have to be so clever, with clever little bridges holding different areas of colour apart.

I love taking a photograph, an ordinary, everyday photograph and sketching it onto a stencil, then cutting the stencil into clear, strictly defined shapes to finally reveal the everyday photo turned into a work of art.

Click to view my graffiti on canvas portraits

I have used shapes and patterns in my stencils to create interesting effects.

Lets start a conversation about a photo you would like turned into a work of art.

How to Order

  1. Choose a Photo – single light source close up photos make the best graffiti pictures, the easiest way to ensure your photo has a single light source it to choose an outdoors photo without a flash.
  2. Choose a Size – basically the bigger the graffiti picture the better it will be, but also the more expensive it will be.
  3. Choose Style and Coloursbrowse my gallery and you can tell me you want a picture like…
  4. Complete my Contacts form and the conversation can begin.