poetry inspired by the brave new dream of instant communication

#justaselfie - staring back was not a younger me rather it was the man the younger me had wanted to be.
woot witwoot backduff smawsome scribble badass neon wick
sometimes it is so hard knowing which direction you will see me from next
All i sought was a little shelter from the ferocity of the noon sun but i found myself living in your shadow
i am not asking for a reply just for a word
everyone is sleeping tight god knows i tried my love
when i am out on the street i am fleekness killer i am so sweet i will be waiting for you
i shout as i pass the place we first met do you remember me
the perfect is the enemy of the good
the truth was so thin and neglected it was overlooked in the yard sale of the remnants of a life of toil
a sip a smile a thought my thought a glance in your direction my intention in my smile
so there she stood smart as a hood but lost in the wood
what i thought was hopeless was just a minor inconvenience when viewed though your eyes
if you look real hard you will see i am thinking about how you will feel next time we touch
#verrryfruitful - it is so beautiful hanging beyond reach giving hope but leaving hunger
i want to live in a country where people are tolerant kind and decent
i did not tell you you did not ask
sometimes i must sometimes i want to but can you tell which
given a minute i look at myself i practise my smile
Always Awesome - and his smile was so fragile i wanted to reach out and touch his cheek but instead i smiled and he was gone
NSFW: Nothing to do with work
great size no lies them is thick does the trick
through this time i will see change i will embrace change i will be change
#dropped&cracked - the words i spoke that took away your smile, i am getting them fixed tomorrow.
joy unbound retold sound purpose found see you round
sometimes i remember the enjoyment of simple things and for a moment the hopelessness lifts allowing me to take another breath
while i cannot forget my past i will smile and nod as you pass
#alwaystime - and in that moment hope and promise and a tomorrow i had forgotten
a sip - a smile - a thought - my thought - a glance in your direction - my intention in my smile
determination and ambition in an expression
Ya have ta love the use of water in this washy self portrait.
diving center stage on my phone in this selfie.
i will write what i said

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