Felix 10 months felix 1 year Felix newborn Felix newborn Felix at 3 months Felix at 3 months Felix at 2 months Felix at 11 months

I am a full-time dad and a part-time portrait painter working in the London area. These pictures were all painted in my son's first year painted from photographs. These pictures are not for sale but are available for viewing.

spray can: graffiti on canvas

freddy fabian Rhian lola nancy Bob 6 sarahs (pregnant) Sarah and Felix WOMAD 2003 (fathers and sons playing mancala) 3 young cousins marianne Felix with Orangesnude violin Johny Tony ocean

Working from a photograph I cut between one and four stencils on thick paper then using different shades and colours of spray paint I create an image or multiple images with the illusion of depth. These pictures are commissions I have done, they are not for sale but some are available for viewing.


space sunrise 15th march 2003 symbols of power which side of the apple do you choose? 24 4 dressed by... pregnant sarah

I have many ideas. Some of the ideas have turned into these sketches: but I have wandered away from the idea without further examination. This does not mean these sketches are second rate caste off ideas; many things could have happened to distract me from these ideas, for example: the birth of my son. I put these ideas here in case you decide to take them further. To turn them into something else.

neurotic erotica

self portrait kiss touch blue the dancers self presenting self kiss touch green kiss touch red self portrait 3 self deception kiss touch yellow kiss touch turquoise kiss i nude with pint glass kiss touch lilac rape victim kiss touch crimson observation man machine self with outline self as monkey attack kisskill dying like nature in memory of pornography

emotional landscapes

as i walk home i hampstead heath as i walk home ii sex 2 portrait of catherine wine connoiseurs life still life still life !!rrrrrrg mary bell memory of a smile sex i objects of desire trophy of sam as a dying mermaid a blessing at battersea tv sex naak mit vuurwerk

These pictures were all painted between 1996 and 1999. In 1996 I left Cape Town for London and in 2000 my wife left me to go back to Cape Town. The neurotic erotica paintings are more about sex than the emotional landscapes, and all of the painting are about me. I have put my portfolio online to record their existence and, hopefully, to offer you a momentary distraction.