Erotic short stories, original artworks and links to my favourite online erotica.


It is not like it is on the movies, but I guess nothing really is.  Life isn’t staged as a visual representation of emotions, life is to be lived.

Cerys and I had travelled across London to go to a party in an industrial estate.  She had met a guy in a pub who had told her about the party. A beautiful man, looks like that rugby player, but probably a lot smaller, like they look on TV.  Cerys wanted to meet the guy again and I was her wallflower.

It was a lovely summer evening.  Warm enough not to worry about wearing more than party clothes.  I wore a T designed by a friend, a cherub with an AK47, and jeans.  Cerys wore a little dress. She was really hot, the little dress was a... Read more...

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