These watercolour and pen sketches are stories, ideas, emotions, thoughts. Sometimes they exit alone, sometimes they are little collections. These are the pictures I call StoryDots
Tenement Procession Onrushing Restraint Fortitude Urban Flamingo Saint Moritz Still Life with Interlopers Passing Offcomers Still Life with Distorted Nude Thoughts of Still Life Thoughts of an Allegory You and Whose Army Pearl Get Boosted Now Contemplative Solicitude Embarrassed Monsters and Sycophants Locked In (leisure attendants) Miss Mary Yuletide Emergents For the Full Duration Content Social Discombobulation Socially Distanced Column Ogling the Pride II Ogling the Pride I Anne Restrict Reunite Progression :: Evolution 27 Die in Perilous Journey Protracted Silence Locked In (theme park attendants) El Norte Eager Destination Isolation Prolongation Faces from the Crowd Locked In (bar staff) Human Portrait Vessel Obliterating Decoration Three Waiting Chairs Routemaster Safari Frame Reframe Build and Consume Abraham Walking by the African Bank Locked In (waiters &waitresses) Vaccinated Cured Dead Vista of the Depredated Shine without Darkness Louise Determined Keep Breathing Locked In (minimum wage) Remain Outsize Depressed Edge of a Precipice Suleiman Resumption Consumption Likely to Lose Fight Six of One Demonstrably Unambiguous The Magdalen Reading Chiroptera Alatum Listening to Podcasts I I Never Saw Her Swim Again Incomparably Vaster The Page is Turned When Shall We Meet Again Fight the Loneliness (How to) Opens His Throat to Sing Confused Beardless Red Rikki Jump to the Left Not a Crime One Way Sibylle To Be Your Last Hovsta Invisible Banana Skins More Readers Foresight Strictly Secretly Man with Box A Princess from Amarna Comfortable Personal Protection Netherland Dwarf Red Button Anxious St George Out of Use The Party Popular Porn Searches 3 Insulate Nude with Box Possibly Christophle All Journeys Begin East Bitter Re-Garde Slices of Red A Howl of Rage Aphra Prognostic Observation Re.Volution Then They Waltz Annoyed Advise and Authorise Prescient Placement Man in a Hat Re.Solution Vision of Origination Using Disconcert Correctly Rebuffed Schadenfreude Madame First Day Back The End and other words Staycation Courtier Cover and Collude Silly Rabbit Foreshadow and Tarry Bubble Reshaping The Gamekeepers Daughter Flood Warning Watching Lost Time Commute Execute And the Walls were Very High How to Grow Bromeliad Welcome to Kabul Insouciant Dolour Way In Sea-urchin Woman with Hat Poppies On Fire and Loss Tracheophyta Pot Gather and Throw Wysl The Blue Room Oranges are the New Lemons Triplicity under Fish Afraid Perturbed Passage Feeling Good Onwards and Up Transforming Performance Adamant And Then Waiting What I Got Amazed Seascape in Blue Queues and Clubbing The Feeling of Celebrating with Friends Fascinated and other words Drinking with Friends Magnetic Jessica frame 1 Magnetic Jessica frame 2 Magnetic Jessica frame 3 Magnetic Jessica frame 4 Magnetic Jessica frame 6 Magnetic Jessica frame 7 Magnetic Jessica frame 8 Fresh Fruit Peaches Find the Eyes Yarrow Mamout Tête-à-tête Over My Shoulder Third Place The Vixen Fraught Propinquity Sneer Walk Away Postprandial Stroll Linger Dankness Alone Confused Waiting and Wanting Repeat Repeat Repeat Vernon A Rabbit Redrawing Another Day Nude Swim Conference and Conversation Nude Beach Sofa Decision and Debate Inside -Feel the Difference Outside - See the Difference Come On Then Youll Do Part 2 Youll Do Part 1 Keep Apart The Rise and Fall of Aquata Area Vaccini Capri Witch In the Wind Dressed to the Right Atypical Hope And Life Gives You Lemons The New Workspace Africa Africa Africa and other words The Gardeners Surprise Urban XXI Torso A Selfie with Rick Arrangement in Grey I Have Been Stoic When Life Give You Lemons XXI Uproarious Races Ceders Kind and Clever Things When Life Give You Lemons Welco Me To Memory of an Embrace Gaza Constance Perturbing Scrutiny First Night Out Captain Pip Imposition Jasmine Not Quite My Memory Wild Wild Life The Tritone The Watchmaker The Ranger Returns Queue Starts Here The Lady Rides Now this is the law Apportioning Fuckcarrots Portrait of Dorothea Eingang Disinclined Unification Umbrage Awe Walk The Green Gown Waiting Area Carnivorous Introspection Guilt & Responsibility Mosquitoes Sojourn Disjunctive Impetus Bashful Bear Contactless hands face space Revolution Bear Coquettish Evaluation Man in a Cafe Discordant The Viridescient Enunciation Lockdown Exercise Rules Repetitive Resolve Mob Pattern Bumptious Deportment Garbled Censure Melancholic Doldrums Mightier than the Sword Distraction in Red Easter XXI Discerning Offering Body and Mind Familiarity and Contempt Social Bubble Something I Said Joachim II Confounded Nuisance Apprehensive Awakening Linger Out of Sight Today is Foreign Messages and Moments Three Graces XXI Lioness Watching the Defective Fulminations Playing to the Gallery Departures Our Man in Beirut Bean Salad Picnic A Small Book Shelf New School Rule Neglected Preoccupation Imagined Impediment The Bench with the View Persistence and Control Blue Waters Rollicking Pair Transient Terminal Contradictory Conflux Watching Jack Rule the World Deflated Disposition Divergent Dictate Disfigured Presumption Institutional Lunch Break Parliament Sande Mask Disapproval Rain Cloud Guarded People Wearing Face Masks Align and Await Monks and Nuns Protest A Woman and other words Woman with a Pinned Hat Birds and Balance A Bus Passanger International Arrival As Animals and other words Trains to Depart Awaiting Amused Volunteer and Change Extra Cash and other words Delay Vaccination and other words Protest Institute of Virology Nightingale Hospitals Death and other words Half-Friends Visit Despite Concern Ovid Hotel Quaranti Higher Among Low Paid Workers Incomes and Health Pandemic One Year Faces Big Decision On Robert On Heels of Flooding May Have Stopped Falling Barbed Wire -This is not Freedom Fears of Insider Attack Risk to Survival Saint Margaret Nowhere Near Lifting To Introduce New Covid Risk Exercise Opens in Bristol Stadium Leading to Four Year Wait Francis Barber Sexy in a Virus Mask The Children Cry Leave the Sea Behind In the Garden 24 Hours 57 000 How to wear a mask 14 Woman Pilot Red or Green How to wear a mask 13 In the Eye New You Wax Print Authentic Cover Stay Home Reach Out Blank Inside Social Maladroit Suzanne The Fine Print Fragmentary Release Yet Another Chance Advance and Depart Something Missing Say No to Christmas Silence Stepping Out Anita Just Gone Engulfed Dismissals Twenty20 Peer Pressure Hormonal Melancholia Signs and Sighs Wooden Horseman For the Record Service and Solitude Memory of Self Memory of Beachwear Coming Through Too Quiet Disquiet Margery Hutchison Savouring the Moment Waiting and Witness Hands Face Space Coronavirus Man As it should be Terrible Landmark You know that face as I do Hasan Reza Khan His Deference and His Laughter Jacqueline 17 The Origin of the World XX Comings and Goings 24 Hours Scientific Adv Yes You Back Mary detail Live UK Proud of the City Testing Does my bum look big in this With Empathy and Humility What We Know One Way Lady in Blue Estimated in England Count Every Vote Thank You Pressure from Experts Repetition and Resolution Three tions Over There Conversations and Contraventions NKD CPL 3 How to wear a mask 11 How to wear a mask 12 Closing Down More than 60 000 How to wear a mask 7 An Argument about FSM How to wear a mask 5 How to wear a mask 2 How to wear a mask 3 A Young Girl Reading How to wear a mask 1 Blue Denim Brazen Buck Discussing Sartre with Jesus Taciturn Motion Disconcerted Dance Distressed Ruff Desperate Perturbation Coquetry Disgruntled Distraction In the Smile The Brightest Clouds and other words Up Discountenance From Elgar to Harrison A Real Fully and other words That Type of Man Euhun Sang Lum Akao Lying Life Adults Between the Sheets Consortium Attestation Wait too Long Can Anyone Tell Eureka Haywire Regard How You Remind Me The High Moment Rosa Cityman Big Ben Cityman St Pauls Hawkish Harbinger Muchout Crylit Tleout Come DICTA***S Concerted Disenchantment Body Fuel Neurotic Orbital Raising Resolution Lee in Manhattan Repressed Reception Circumspect Compulsion Directed Misdirection Confrontational Disregard Atahualpa Transcending Chortle Idiosyncratic Juncture Exasperating Colloquy Groove Contrivance Screwing in a Beech-ring Exuberant Prolegomenon Haphazard Alacrity Precarious Readiness Kang Yi-0 The Nymph and the Fisherman Oblational Nymph Disabused Regard Expectant Disbelief Agitated Reckoning And Doubt Would Never Exist Books Disinterested Diagnosis Out of Reach Anticipated Defloration Apprehended Ennui Contorted Garboil Head of an Oba Apoplectic Derision Divergent Instruction Circumspect Watching With These Hands Madame de Saint-Maurice Forward Thinking Intent Obfuscation Enigmatic Distraction Just the Girl Triangulation Insouciant Contemplating Escapades He Waited Triangulation Torso Triangulation Seated Triangles #7 Little Bird Cityscape Rooftops Waiting Nothing for Free Like Naked Fat Men Flying Bird #7 No Tourists at the Tower Drill and Plug It is only the moment and other words What Really and other words Eleanor Eleanor Second Hand Electric Drill 1 Second Hand Electric Drill 2 Winter Forever Cityscape Observatory Artistic Nude Male #11 Summer Dress Those Ideas and other words Cityscape Abbey Neolithic Figurine Law of Equality Red Chair Artistic Nude Male #7 Artistic Nude #6 Cityscape Parliament Young Lady and Cat Caution and Controversy Telling their own Story Disconcerting Merrymaking Perfunctory Precautionary Relaxing in the Den Discombobulated The Book of Jacob I Only a Part of the Book Asunder Brodsky Summons Pardoned Walking Alone Addictive Antelope A Game of Patience Awaiting Attentiveness In the City Deviation Contemplation with Dog Tourist Information Suspicion Seaside Rendezvous Disconnected Visiting the Harbour Watchfulness Consequential Bianca Concernation Borrowed Bike Disbelief Patience Misdirection Anthropomorphic Offerings Awkward Jocundity Reconsideration Contradiction Longing Sheikh Khudda Consideration Discontentment Dependency Expectation Permission Girl Writing Intimate Watching TV with a Friend Sweet Something Obsession Like Wandering through a Field of Flowers Contrition The Sheikh Anticipation My Whole Life Out of the Moment Silly Rabbit Elin in a Jaunty Jumper Jacob Feels and other words Within the Outlines Mandala 1 The Giant Leap Small Green Plant Dieffenbachia Potplant Ammonios This and That The Three Graces MMXX Love on Monkey Island Distracted Disadvantaged The Tailor The Vixen of the Skulk Cats are Visual Hunters Double Nude with Flower Agra Holst Popular Porn Searches Young Foxes Play Fighting The Faster They Go Blue Crosses Existential Aspirations From Resting Existential Discombobulation In the Eyes Existential Discouragement Actual Size Fight to Win A Colourful Head Self not Selfie Visceral Cloister Vicarious Existence A Beautiful Hipster Naked in her Purse Persian Prophetess My Little Cabbage New Year New You Bare Chested Sweetness Mi Cielito Lust for Life I want to adored Sarah Biffin Still Waiting A Token of Your Memory Five OClock Tea Another Domestic Deity Takes Action In Mind of Two Men Me Instead Hanging all the Way Chloe Always and other words Understand Me Man and His Dog Patterns in the Snow Sunshine Ready You Are Nothing The Welcome Party The Younger Memnon The Snow is Falling A Body was Found Three of the Four Pale Blue Eyes These Words Are Wretched Dost Muhammed Maze/Amaze How to Eat To Heads or Tails I Dont Want to Forget When You Smile I Am Undone Still Life with Sliced Fruit & Pornstars After Fine Feathers Nymphs and Satyr XIX Above and Below Pastoral Concert XIX Horseman Venus and her Mirror XIX Venus and Adonis XIX Ample Detoxifixion The Three Graces XIX Cupid and Psyche XIX Diana and Actaeon XIX The Birth of Venus XIX A Gap Open to a Hoard of Questions My Breasts Were Swelling The Stepping Out Three Red Headscarf Blue Shirt Curse Away My Young Friend Much Outcry Little Outcome Mrs George A girl wearing Breton costume But What She Told Him Upon Your Return Elongated Corset French Withered Pear Tongue Forensic Knight and Day Perceived Presentation Morning Patterns Seid Enkess Portrait of an Officer Tales from the Shed Seaside Selfies In Denim Shorts Man in Jeans Young Afro American and other words Mary Magdalene I Watch You and other words A Chance and other words Because I Thought and other words Volatile Expression and other words Distraction and other symbols Tiger Frame Philanthropic Presentation A Nightmare Hippy Girl Nine oClock And she was, basking in your glow Trending Desire Incontrovertible Indifference Remember the Straw Hat Blue Dream Homeless Man Kicked Out Even Better than the Real Thing 4 Objectification Bollocks Even Better than the Real Thing 3 Even Better than the Real Thing 2 Even Better than the Real Thing Twin Red Flowers Joan in Paisley Armour African Pattern Robe Paisley Cannonball Flower Paisley Kissing in the Park Paisley Kiss in four styles a chapel in the woods Toxic Misogynist Translation This Naked Mouse Triangular Triangulation Your Own Greatness Monkey Branching The Premium The Altar of Your Breath At The Altar of Your Song Waiting for the Sign This Leap Look Me in the Eye Embarkation The Stand Fraternising with Frederick Clothes Hanging off her Body 6 Horseman Cavaliers Plenty More Fish in the Sea Disingenuous Singularity Plenty Fish in the Sea It Feels like a Prayer Courtesan Dreaming a Lucky New Year Dream Trash Panda Fearing you want so much more My Beautiful Gorgeous Lace and other words Extinction Rebellion 1 Watch Be the Person Not This Her Scars I am the Book Three Foxes Not Fairytale All Ive Heard More than a Wine Stain If I Told You and other words The Flower Nymph Dipped in Gold Please Do Not Ask Meeting Up with a Joyful Juliette My Ethel with Symbols I Need Poetry Do Not Ask and other words A Charming Conversation with Lucy Way Out in the Water Secret Swimming In the Weeds The Bird Cage There is a Field Your Milk and other words Dressed to Dance Not the Original Plan Sometimes I Do Stupid Things My Stupid and other words She was suddenly aware of the dress code Dont Leave Me This Way The Lore of the Jungle Gives Fishes He Was Not Listening Again Quick Bring the Best and other words Selika She Life with patterns You Call Me Home One Man Guy and other words I Hear Your Call The Importance of Leaping My Little Helper Justine and other words In the Sun and other words Red Pencil Like a Horse The Red Dress Conversations and Instructions Routemasters and Accessible Cycling Meerkats on Mars and other words Gunfire and Explosions and other words That Blue Dress What had to be done Thinking of You And Then There Was and other words Wallflower Friends The Only One and other words One Piece Swimsuit Out of Here and other symbols Next in Line and other symbols The Conversation and other symbols In a Picture and other words In My Mind and other words Sunset Dress and other symbols Undressing for You Awaiting Your Word Never Mentioned and other words Swim With Me I Will Ride and other words Drawing Circles and other words The Distraction Supremacy and other words This Way and another symbol The White Horse The Leap Reggie Mouse and the Straight Lines Come to Me and other symbols There is no Handbook and other words Emergence and Wallflowers Stepping Out and Wallflowers Patience and other symbols Doubt Would Never Exist and other words My Body Aches for Her and other words Todays Stars Together Today The Complicated Sex Life of Pandas The Swimsuit Issue and other words Meanwhile a Floral Arrangement and other words Floral Arrangement Meanwhile I Wait and other words The Last Chance and other words Have You Ever and other words We are all Foreign Scum For Representation Love Cat and other symbols All Humans are just Greedy and other words Built in that Image and other words Leda and the Swirls Still in a Strange Land Behold and other symbols Look at Me and other words My Pleasure and other words 26541 and other words Yet Again and other words The Fishes that Swim in the Sea Tra La Blue Symbols and Smiles To Delight the Guests of the Gods Stripped to Convince and other words Black Bird Song A Light and other words Destiny and other words Dont be silent and other words Sunburn and other words Your Hand and other words 1 Percent and other words My Fist and other words The Story You Told and other words Kindness and other words Blackness Descends and other words Misunderstand and other words A Good Excuse and other words Just Answer and other words So This Is The Moment and other words The Gentlest of Touches Outdoor Pursuits and other words Neville and other words Memory of Beauty and other words Skinny-dipping and other words Can You Hear Me and other words Belonging and other words Going Outside and other words Aquarius and other words The Rules of Date Night Move and other words Say Nothing and other words Looking Dark and other words Diving In Again and Just Thinking and other words Naked Man Leaping and other words Dorado and other words Be The Best and other words Unspoken and other words After You Have Gone and other words Me Being Me and other words Misunderstanding and other words In the Room Inside Outside and other words Things You Do and other words Unknown Woman Tick Tick Tick and other words Momentary and other words Dorado and other words Torso with Hands and other words Alone and other words Red Wine and other words Sad Book and other words Unspoken and other words Outside and other words Be the Best and other words Phillip and other words Quick and other words Me Being Me and other words Misunderstanding and other words Back and other words In the Room and other words In the Kitchen and other words Tangerian Girl and other words Alone Again and other words It was said and other words Skull and other words Judgement of Paris and other words Nude Couple and other words Shot in the Street and other words Memory of your Smile and other words Smile and other words Leap and other words Adam and Eve and other words Hot Sun and other words Nude Woman and other words Paulette and other words Protest and other words Judgement of Paris and other words The End and other words The Bee and other words A Gentleman of Letters and other words Nude Circus and other words The Bee and other words Sybarite and other words Aint No Good and other words In the Kitchen and other words Dancing and other words Close Up and other words Standing Nude and other words Waiting and other words Alone and other words Hubert and other words Yellow Flower and other words Blue Flower and other words Look Left and other words Couple and other words Beautiful Man and other words Paulette and other words Hands and other words Songs of Love and Hate and other words Diana and Actaeon and other words Looking for you and other words Sunbathing and other words Refugees and other words Bare Breasted Blond Woman and other words Tender Love and other words Lovers and other words Lips and Stars and other words Beach Boys and other words Anger and other words Cold Sun and other words Drawn Parts Respect and other words Sky gets Black and other words Soldier and other words Protest and other words Bafflement and other words An Allegory of Love and other words Nude Woman and other words Nude Sofa - blue Alone and other words Cat and other words 109 and other words Water Nymphs and other words Judgement of Paris and other words Belling the Cat and other words Lamentations and other words A Man of 38 and other words Barriers and other words Origins One wish Roller Coaster and other words Reclining Please Push and other words A Wonderful Bathing and other words Nude Riot Try before you trust The Lions Share Do not trust flatterers in the car Abstract Seashell Double nude Naked man Maybe face Change Amazing Light The Kid, the Bear and the Honey After Manet Bells Smile woman cock lust Sunbathing Euphoria and other words Can you hear me now A Stock Image and other words It Filled My Mind and other words lying in bed the goose girl the cabbage girl the rabbit boy Moonpub The Part and other words Your Sign and other words The Thought of Tomorrow and other words Behave Oddly and other words Under Dressed and other words Tonight and other words Being and other words His Collection and other words Dictionary of Beauty and other words I Think of You and other words Indecision and other words A Place of Miracles and other words Your Venom and other words Lost and other words Not Like This and other words Softest Affections and other words Come Here and other words Miscarriage and other words The Worlds Most Expensive Painting Normally Docile and other words Noteworthy and other words Happy Today and other symbols This Morning and other words A Low Ebb and other words Spilled Coffee and other words In the Dream and other words Afterwards and other words Away You Great Villain and other words Nothing But Waters and other words Waters In My Hand and other words I Wore the Face Again Today A loss for words The Word and other words The Top and the Bottom and other words Musth and other symbols Find the eyes Like The First Time The Game Just for a Moment and other words

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