These watercolour and pen sketches are stories, ideas, emotions, thoughts. Sometimes they exit alone, sometimes they are little collections. These are the pictures I call StoryDots
Intent Forward Enigmatic A Triangulation The Contemplating He Triangulation Triangulation Triangulation Triangulation Triangles Little It This Cityscape Waiting" Nothing Like Flying So Red No Drill It What Eleanor Second Second Winter Artistic Summer Those Cityscape Neolithic Law Red Addicted" Artistic Artistic Cityscape Young Postulation" Caution Cityscape Telling Disconcerting" Merrymaking" Perfunctory" Faithlessness" Precautionary" An Relaxing Discombobulated" The Only Asunder" Empty Brodsky" Summons Empty Pardoned" Walking Addictive A Awaiting" Attentiveness" In Contemplation Tourist Anton Suspicion" Seaside Disconnected" Visiting Watchfulness" Consequential" Bianca" Concernation" Borrowed Observations" Disbelief" Patience" Misdirection" Offerings" Awkward" Jocundity" Reconsideration" Contradiction" Longing" Sheikh Consideration" Discontentment" Dependency" Expectation" Permission" Disruption" Goodbye" Intimate" Watching In Butterfly Sweet Obsession" Like Contrition" The Anticipation" My Just Nude Out Silly Elin Jacob Bad Within Mandala Mandala Sir The Ten Small Dieffenbachia" Potplant" Ammonios" This The Kamekichi" Deportation There Love Tod Distracted The Some The Mixed Cats Double Agra The Popular Young The Blue Existential From Existential In Existential Actual Fight A Self Visceral Vicarious A Naked Persian Sweetheart" My New In A Bare Sweetness" Mi Lust I Sarah Violet Still A Five Another In Me Hanging Chloe" Always Understand Man Silly Patterns Sunshine You The The The A Three Pale These Dost Maze/Amaze" How Heads I When After use Nymphs Above Pastoral Horseman" Portrait Ample Cupid Diana The My The So Much A But Elongated Louis-Benoit" Forensic" An Two Morning Distracted Seid Please Portrait Tales Cherry Seaside Seaside In Man Young Mary Sensual Angry Because Volatile Distraction Tiger Philanthropic A Nine And Incontrovertible Remember Questioned Blue Leaving After Leaving Lets Homeless In Even Even Even in Twin Joan African Paisley Paisley Paisley a Toxic Triangular" Your The At Waiting This Discordant GNRRK" Embarkation" The Clothes the 6 Disingenuous It Courtesan Trash Fearing Gorgeous Extinction The Watch" Be Not I The Three More The Please Meeting It Do A In There Dressed Not Sometimes My Say She Gives He Quick Selika" She" Life One The Justine In Red Between Conversations Routemasters Meerkats Gunfire That What Thinking And The One Out Next The In In Sunset for Undressing Awaiting Never Swim I Drawing The Supremacy This Three The Ladies Come There Emergence Stepping Patience My The The Floral The Have Down We Built Behold Look My Yet The Stripped A Sunburn Your My Kindness Blackness Misunderstand A This Just So The Kissing Swinging Memory Skinny-dipping Can Going Imagination Aquarius The Move Silent Say Looking Just Naked Dorado Syberite Be Unspoken After Me Misunderstanding In Inside Joy Things Unknown Tick Momentary Dorado Alone Red Unspoken Outside Be Phillip When Misunderstanding Back In In Alone It Judgement Shot Straw Adam Hot Nude Paulette Judgement The A Sybarite Aint Grapes In Topless Close Standing Waiting Alone Hubert Yellow Yeah" Couple Nude Hands Songs Looking Sunbathing Refugees Confrontation Bare Tender Lovers Anger Drawn Sky Bafflement Kiss Alone Nude Cat 109 Naked Bathroom Nude Water Belling Lamentations A Barriers Migrant Origins" One Roller Reclining" Birth Please A Nude" Awkward" Riot" Abstract Double Naked Maybe Change" Amazing The Bells" Fuck" Smile" woman" leather" lust" Lovely" Sunbathing" Euphoria Can A library" lying the the the Moonpub" Adam The Your The Under Tonight Being My His I Indecision A Your Lost Not Miscarriage The This Shed Spilled In A The An Find Like Just

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