I regularly post original works of art for sale on eBay. These are simple ideas that allows me to get a response directly from art collectors and allows me to deliver #affordableart.

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Enigmatic Distraction Contemplating Escapades Triangulation Seated Triangles #7 Little Bird Cityscape Rooftops Like Naked Fat Men No Tourists at the Tower Drill and Plug What Really and other words Cityscape Abbey Cityscape Parliament Postulation Caution and Controversy Cityscape Tower Disconcerting Perfunctory Faithlessness Precautionary Relaxing in the Den The Book of Jacob I Only a Part of the Book Asunder Empty Den Summons Empty Chair Pardoned Walking Alone Addictive Antelope Awaiting In the City Contemplation with Dog Tourist Information Suspicion Seaside Rendezvous Disconnected Visiting the Harbour Watchfulness Consequential Concernation Observations Disbelief Patience Misdirection Offerings Awkward Jocundity Reconsideration Contradiction Longing Consideration Dependency Expectation Permission Disruption Goodbye Watching TV with a Friend In the Garden Butterfly Couple Sweet Something Obsession Contrition Anticipation My Whole Life Nude Dancing Dogs Out of the Moment Silly Rabbit Jacob Feels and other words Bad Apple Within the Outlines Mandala 2 Mandala 1 The Giant Leap Small Green Plant Dieffenbachia Potplant This and That The Three Graces MMXX Love on Monkey Island Tod of the Leash Distracted Disadvantaged Some Cats Prefer Birds The Vixen of the Skulk Mixed Gender Facilities Cats are Visual Hunters Double Nude with Flower The Clutch Bag Popular Porn Searches Young Foxes Play Fighting Blue Crosses Existential Aspirations Existential Discombobulation Existential Discouragement Actual Size Fight to Win Self not Selfie Vicarious Existence Naked in her Purse Sweetheart New Year New You A Magic Power Sketch Sweetness Lust for Life I want to adored Violet Bird with Shapes Still Waiting Another Domestic Deity Takes Action In Mind of Two Men Hanging all the Way Understand Me Silly Rabbit Patterns in the Snow Sunshine Ready You Are Nothing The Welcome Party A Body was Found These Words Are Wretched Maze/Amaze Heads or Tails I Dont Want to Forget After Fine Feathers Above and Below Pastoral Concert XIX Portrait of a Merchant My Breasts Were Swelling Two Beautiful and other words Morning Patterns Distracted in Pretty Red Dress Please Post Me a Letter Portrait of an Officer Cherry Blossom of the Soul Seaside Story Seaside Selfies In Denim Shorts Man in Jeans Young Afro American and other words Angry Freak Waiting and other words Because I Thought and other words Volatile Expression and other words Tiger Frame Incontrovertible Indifference Questioned Presentation Lets Make London Warm Homeless Man Kicked Out in the pub African Pattern Robe Paisley Kiss in four styles Triangular Your Own Greatness The Stand Disingenuous Singularity It Feels like a Prayer Trash Panda Gorgeous Lace and other words Gives Fishes She In a Picture and other words The Complicated Sex Life of Pandas Floral Arrangement Built in that Image and other words A Good Excuse and other words Move and other words Silent Scream and other words Syberite and other words Tick Tick Tick and other words Waiting and other words Drawn Parts Sky gets Black and other words 109 and other words Water Nymphs and other words Lamentations and other words Origins Roller Coaster and other words Nude Double nude Naked man Maybe face The Kid, the Bear and the Honey lust Sunbathing Can you hear me now lying in bed the cabbage girl the rabbit boy Moonpub Not Like This and other words Miscarriage and other words In the Dream and other words The Word and other words

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