artwork inspired by the actions of protesters and the images of their protests

this is indeed something worth writing about
Nice mood with the colours drifting from yellow to purple
Graffiti as it should be use
great stencil showing the tension in the arrested man
A classic image that should grace many a wall
Industrial paint for an industrial tyre on fire.
The angry protesters crowding this painting.
because we cannot forget.
stencil graffiti for political unrest, ironic
a picture with beautiful texture that cannot be seen in this photo
interesting technique on the arrested man, like the paint has been arrested too
graffiti protest in the strongest way
rough paint for a messy situation, clever card.
Love the contrast of the flames with tyre.
great alien feel about the policeman
A good use of colour to express the anger in this image.
strong colour strong action
Washed out version of a strong painting
a strong contrast between the characters and the colours

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