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018 :: A Table

Peter placed a stool at the end of the coffee table in the sitting area.  He laid a yoga mat over the table onto the stool.  He laid a plain white table cloth over both.  Naomi came up the stairs.  He showed her where to lie.  He started placing sushi on her body.  He used his fingers.

You have to breathe slowly.  It is going to be a long time lying still.  Diane will be here in ten minutes so I have to start now.  I have done it before.  It is much harder than you think. (Peter)

He had placed a quarter of the sushi when the front door opened.  Clipped steps on the stairs.  Peter did not stop laying out the food.  Diane stood for a moment at the top of the stairs.  

Peter. (Diane)

Hi Diane. (Peter)

Welcome Naomi. (Diane)

She has no English. (Peter)

Sure.  Yes.  Can she be the other way round.  I want John to see her cunt when he walks in not the top of her head. (Diane)

Of course.  I should have thought of that. (Peter)

Diane walked up the stairs to her room.  Peter quickly started to remove the sushi using the chopsticks.  He placed them back on the plate.  Naomi looked confused but Peter did not say anything to her. When all the sushi was removed Naomi stood.  Peter moved the stool to the far side of the table.  He pulled the yoga mat and the tablecloth down.  Smoothed it.  

Please lie down this way. (Peter)

Naomi followed his gesture and lay down again.  Peter started replacing the sushi on her body.  He was nearly finished when Diane came down again wearing a flowing evening silk dress.  Her make up was removed.

Will she be okay tonight.  The guests are nearly here. (Diane)

Yes.  She used to be in catering.  Before. (Peter)

Good.  The food looks delicious.  Thank you Peter. (Diane)

She sat on the sofa opposite Peter.  She reached over Naomi and took a sushi from the serving tray.  Naomi closed her eyes.  Peter set down the sushi tray.  He stood.  He fetched a bottle of champagne from the fridge.  He opened it.  Naomi started slightly.  She did not upset the food.  Peter poured champagne into the glass in front of Diane.  She sat back and sipped.  She looked at Naomi from head to toes.  She looked pleased.  Or maybe indifferent.  Peter continued to place sushi on Naomi.  The pattern followed the contours of her small breasts.  It radiated from her belly button.

She will do will she.  Peter. (Diane)

She has been very helpful today.  She has been keen to fit in.  She is beautiful.  I will train her properly.  Just like you like. (Peter)

Good. (Diane)

Peter placed the remaining sushi on Naomi's thighs and stood to survey his work. 

Just.  John can be a bit particular sometimes. (Diane)

She will be fine. (Peter)

The doorbell rang. 

Before you get that can you dress.  I want only Naomi naked tonight. (Diane)

Peter slipped on his kimono before answering the door.

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