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017 :: Making Sushi

Time to cook. (Peter)

Naomi stood watching Peter wiping down the kitchen counter.

Kitchen.  Translate. (Peter)

A screen appeared from the plain white wall.  A flush screen.  The ones you do not notice when they are showing the colour of the wall.  Occasionally a fly lands on them then crawls then flies off.  They are bad for the environment because they are always on.  Naomi looked at it.  Read the translation.

Can you cook. (Peter)

Naomi shrugged. 

We are eating sushi tonight.  You are going to be the table.  Have you done that before. (Peter)

Naomi nodded. 

I was a waitress for a little period.  In Tianjin.  The waitresses had to take turns as the table.  You mean food served on my body. (Naomi)

She watched the English translation appear on screen like it was an animation. 

Yes. (Peter) 

Okay. In Tianjin there were rules.  No touching. Only chopsticks.  The men ignore rules.  They touch.  They stroke.  Nipples.  Legs.  Anywhere.  They not hurt.  It okay. (Naomi)

Do you want me to ask for no touching. (Peter)

It okay.  I no mind. (Naomi)

There are guests.  Phoebe.  Diane's sister.  George.  Her partner.  He will probably touch.  He is a dick but harmless. (Peter)

I no mind they touch me. (Naomi)

It is all about showing off their new toy.  The fresh meat. (Peter)

I know why I here. (Naomi)

Peter put two bamboo mats on the counter.  He took bowls out of the fridge.  Rice, fish, cucumber, pepper, avocado.  Seaweed from the cupboard.

I prepared this earlier.  This morning. (Peter)

He mixed vinegar and water.  He mixed mayonnaise and soya sauce.  

This is your mat. (Peter)

He placed a mat in front of Naomi.  He put a sheet of seaweed on her mat.  One on his mat.

No.  I no do it. (Naomi)

It is easy really.  Just copy me. (Peter)

Noami remained motionless.

I have plenty extras.  If yours are not perfect we will eat them.(Peter)

Naomi stepped to the mat.  Peter dipped his fingers in the vinegar water. Naomi copied him.  He took a pinch of the sticky rice.  Rolled it into a ball.  He pushed the bowl towards Naomi.  She took a pinch.  Peter smiled at her.  He massaged the rice onto the seaweed.  Even and smooth.  Naomi tried to copy him.  The rice stuck to her fingers.  It formed mountains.  The seaweed not covered.  Peter stepped behind her.  He placed his hands over her hands.

Gently. (Peter) 

He guided her hands over the rice.  Smoothly spreading the rice.  Their naked bodies touched.  His chest.  Her back.  His bum pulled away keeping his cock away from her bum.  He stepped away.  His cock looked a little bigger.  Difficult to tell.  He walked round to the chopping board.  He unwrapped the fish.  Tuna.  Expensive.  Rare.  He cut strips.  He cut the avocado.  Peeled it.  Cut strips.  Cut the pepper.  He put tuna on his rice.  He put avocado and pepper on hers.

Watch me first. (Peter)

He rolled his sushi quickly.  She tried to roll hers.  She made a mess.  He unrolled her sushi.  Smoothed it with a knife.  He came behind her again.  Guided her hands.  Pushed down when she needed to push.  His chest on her back.  Looking over her shoulder.  His mouth near her ear.  His bum sticking out.  Again.  He let go.  She finished the sushi.  It looked good.  She laughed.  She gave a little jump.  She kissed his cheek.  He put her sushi on a board.  He gave her more seaweed.

They worked in silence.  Naomi made the simple sushi.  Peter used the expensive ingredients.  When Peter picked up a knife he said the word.

Knife. (Peter)

Naomi repeated the word.  In English.

Knife. (Naomi)

Board. (Peter)

Board. (Naomi)

When the avocado was finished Naomi stopped.  

Would you like a glass of wine. (Peter)

Naomi shrugged.  Peter got out two glasses.  He poured a dash in each.  He held up his. 

Cheers. (Peter)

Cheers. (Naomi)

Peter got a plate.  Drizzled in some soya sauce.  He placed a selection of sushi on it.  He gave it to Naomi. 

You have to eat now. (Peter)

Naomi ate the sushi slowly.  Sipped the wine like it was precious.  Or strange.  She watched Peter making sushi.

I think we are going to get on.  You and I.  You are nice.  I like you. (Peter)

The time flashed in red digits on the kitchen screen. 

Time to get ready.  Can you take a shower.   Please.  No soap.  Just a long rinse.  Keep your hair dry. (Peter)

Peter readied the living room while Naomi showered.  She held the shower head in her hand letting the water rinse her every fold.  Under her arms.  Between her legs.

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