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015 :: The House

Peter followed Naomi up the stairs.  She led them to a very large room.  The wall straight ahead was glass.  All glass.  It looked over a long garden.  Naomi gave a little squeal of delight.  At the end of the garden was the Thames.  She pointed out the window.  Peter followed her gaze.

Garden. (Peter)

Naomi looked confused.  She looked back at the stairs.  Her Skroll was still in the bedroom.  Peter shook his head.  He brought his hand to his mouth.  He gave a little flourish with his hand.  A sign that she should copy his word.

Garden. (Peter)

Garden. (Naomi)

Naomi made a motion with her hand like a fish swimming.

Garden. (Naomi)

Peter shook his head.  He held his hand flat in front of him.

Garden. (Peter)

Peter moved his hand away from him and wiggled it like a fish.

River.  Fish. (Peter)

Naomi shrugged.  She looked out over the garden.  It was big but dull.  The grass was too long.  The path unweeded.  The furniture a little faded.  An unused garden.  A once-a-month-gardening-services garden.  It had a landing at the end.  A landing without boats.  Peter walked along the window to the right.  Naomi followed him.  They could see the neighbour in her garden.  She was weeding her vegetables.  Her garden was beautiful.  Orderly.  A mixture of flowers.  Fruits and vegetables.  Paths and raised beds.  Large pots of flowers.  And trees towards the end shading a picnic area.  A fire pit.  The neighbour looked at them.  Peter waved.  Naomi quickly brought her hand up to cover her breasts.  Her crotch.  The neighbour continued her weeding.  She did not care they were naked.  She was not naked.  This is just how things are with their class.

Peter turned.  Led her passed the fireplace.  Large.  Clean.  One that could be used but was not.  Passed the sofas.  White.  Three sofas.  Two three seaters and a two seater forming a luxury arena.  With a long low table as the track.  The fireplace at one end in the position of the king.    

Peter led her to the stairs.  He pointed up.

Diane. (Peter)

Diane.  Diane. (Naomi)

He led her up the stairs.  Two doors.  Left a large room.  A bed in the middle.  White linen.  White headboard.  One wall of white cupboard doors.  Peter opened the door behind them revealing a bathroom.  Bath in the middle.  A white leather chair on this side.  A toilet on the far side.  A basin with a shelf and a wall of mirrors.

He led her back down to the big room.  Then down more stairs.

Diane. (Naomi)

Peter shook his head. 

John. (Peter)

Naomi went back to the first step.  She leaned down to put her hand on the stair.

Diane. (Naomi)

Peter nodded.  He was staring up the stairs avoiding her raised bum.

Diane. (Peter)

Naomi walked to the stairs leading down to the front door.  Leading down to their room.  She bent low.  Touched the top stair. 

Diane. (Naomi)

Peter shook his head.  He held up a finger.  He fetched the Skrolls from the bedroom.  He opened both.

Up the stairs is Diane's room.  Diane. (Peter)

Diane. (Naomi)

Down the stairs is John's room.  John. (Peter)

John. (Naomi)

I will show you the house then tell you about the people. (Peter)

Naomi nodded.  They descended the stairs.  Door left.  Door right.  Peter opened the right hand door.  He revealed a bold room.  Striped walls.  Black.  Orange.  Brown.  Beige.  The bedclothes black.  The carpet brown.  Naomi followed him into the room.  He opened a door on the far wall.  A small en suite.  Shower.  Toilet.  Basin.  Peter picked up a towel from the floor.  He took a towel from the cupboard under the basin.  Placed it on the bench.

They walked back to the foot of the stairs.  He stopped at the other door.

John's office.  It will not open for you or me. (Peter)

Naomi tried the door.  Locked. 

Never go in there. (Peter) 

Naomi nodded.  They went back up to the big room.  The living space.  They crossed to the other side.  To the kitchen area.  A cooker.  A counter.  A sink.  Cupboards.  An old fashion fridge.  A traditional kitchen.  Peter rested a hand on the counter.

My kitchen.  Our kitchen.  We do the cooking. (Peter)

They moved to a final set of stairs at the end of the living space.  One room.  Dark.  The lights slowly brightened.  Two rows of sofas facing a screen.

Cinema. (Peter)

Cinema (Naomi)

Peter took a pair of small towels out of a chest.  He placed them on the front sofa.  On either end.  He sat on the one towel.  He indicated Naomi to sit on the other.  Social but distant.  He was relaxed, lounging comfortably.  She was stiff.  Sitting so she touched nothing but her towel.  Her legs together.  Her hands resting in her lap.

016 :: What we do
Cinema.  Peter.  Select....

The Au Pair
Set in a dystopian near future, an au pair...

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