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016 :: What we do

Cinema.  Peter.  Select. (Peter)

The screen lit up.  It had a background of Peter showing Naomi the living room.  It faded.  It came back with Peter lying on the bed.  It faded.  It came back with Peter shaving Naomi.

Cinema. Montage.  John. (Peter)

Images of a man came and went on the screen.  The same man.  Different clothes.  Different ages.

This is John.  The master. (Peter)

The images of John continued to come on screen.  A graduation.  A wedding.  An award.  A smiling handshake.  Giving a sports award.  Smart suits.  Bespoke suits.  Consistent images, neat, tidy.  A montage denoting a minor statesman.  A business leader.  A professional montage selected by an image consultant.

Cineman.  Montage.  Diane. (Peter)

The images slid away.  Replaced by images of a couple.  The man was John.

This is Diane.  The master. (Peter)

The wedding photo.  Official engagement.  Charity dinners.  Pictures of the couple faded.  Replaced by photos of Diane.  At work.  At a launch.  Giving a talk.  Smart.  Professional.  Carefully selected images.  Presented to give the effect of a strong, self-made woman.  Intelligent.  Decisive.  A leader.

Cinema.  Search.  Coffee. (Peter)

The photo faded.  Replaced by clips of people sitting on the sofas.  Sitting in the garden.

Cinema.  Search.  Coffee.  Yesterday morning. (Peter)

Clips of coffee in the bedroom.  Of Peter carrying coffee up the stairs.  Of John picking up a small espresso cup.

Cinema.  Play three. (Peter)

The third clip expanded to fill the screen.  John picking up a cup from the small table at the door to Diane's room.

Cinema.  Rewind five minutes. (Peter)

The film skipped back to Peter putting down the cup John would pick up.  

Cinema.  Rewind five minutes. (Peter)

The film skipped back to an image of Diane sleeping in her large bed.  Cuddling her duvet.  One naked leg showing.

Cinema.  Show kitchen. (Peter)

The film skipped to the kitchen.  It showed Peter making coffee.

Every morning starts with coffee.  Espresso for John.  Cappuccino for Diane.  Can you make coffee. (Peter)

Yes. (Naomi)

I will help you on your first time. (Peter)

Thank you. (Naomi)

Cinema.  Search.  John.  Sex. (Peter)

The screen was filled with clips of John in various sexual positions with different people. 

Okay.  This is what we do.  Are you ready for it. (Peter)

Yes. (Naomi)

Cinema.  Play five. (Peter)

The screen was filled by Diane's bedroom.  On the bed was a couple fucking.  John and Diane.

Cinema.  Rewind five minutes. (Peter) 

The couple disappeared from the bed.  Just an empty room.

Cinema.  Find John. (Peter)

The screen showed the bathroom.  On the left John was taking a shower.  On the right Peter was holding a towel.  Waiting.  Ready to dry John.  Maybe a massage.  The door opened.  Diane looked in.  Wrapped in a towel.  She smiled at John.  He saw her.  Smiled.  She spoke to Peter.

Will you help me get ready. (Diane)

Her tone was kind.  Her voice was quiet.  She was subtitled on the screen so Naomi could read what she asked.  Peter put the towel on a rail.  He followed Diane out.

Did you see John nod.  He knows he must come to Diane in a few minutes.  Cinema.  Find Diane. (Peter)

The scene switched to the bedroom.  Diane walked to the bed.  She dropped her towel.  She lay on her back.  Spread her legs.  Peter came into the room.  He picked up the towel.  Hung it on the back of the chair.  He sat on the bed.  Between her legs.  He started stroking her legs.  

She likes long gentle touches.  Light.  Like a feather. (Peter)

He leant down.  Between her legs.  Bobbing on her cunt like a rubber duck in a stream.

Cinema.  Change camera. (Peter)

The view changed.  Shown from Diane’s headboard.  Her breasts.  Her legs.  Peter's face.  His bum in the air.  Half the bedroom door in the background.  The lower half.  His head kept on bobbing.  Little rubber duck.

She likes long slow strokes.  All the way from her arse to her clit. (Peter)

John appeared at the door.  His feet.  His legs.  His cock.  Peter glanced round.  He lifted himself.  Knelt between her legs.  He dribbled spit onto his cock.  Rubbed it with his hand.  Rubbed his cock against her cunt lips.  Slowly slipped it in.  More spit.  Further in.  More spit.  Further in. 

Nice. (Diane)

Peter thrust slowly.  Regularly.  He was looking at his cock.  Watching it.  Not looking at her.  John came closer.  On the bed.  On the left.  Peter looked at John.  John was looking at Diane.  At her face. 

I am ready. (Diane)

Peter stood.  Stepped back.  John took his place but not like Peter had been.  Peter had held his body tense.  A space between their bodies.  Like a porn movie.  John leaned close.  His stomach on hers.  His chest on hers.  Only the top of his head and his naked shoulders on screen.  Like an olden day erotic film.  His voice muffled like he was talking into her neck.  Or her hair.

My god.  You are so sexy tonight. (John)

Fuck me.  My love.  Fuck me. (Diane)

Can you feel me.  Oh yes.  Your pussy is so good tonight.  I am going to make you come so hard tonight. (John)

Cinema.  Off. (Peter)

Peter stood. He picked up his small towel.  He looked awkward.  Naomi stood.  She picked up her towel.  Peter held out his hand for her towel.

Well.  That is what we do.  That is why we are here. (Peter)

Naomi gave him the towel.  She did not say anything.  They walked back down to the front door.  To the laundry room opposite their bedroom.  Peter dropped the towels in a basket.  They walked back up the stairs.

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