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Your Photo on Canvas

The important part of this photo was the hands and the signature, thus I ensured the pen is shown clearly while the couple's faces show the joy of the moment but they are not clear.

Pop Art Graffiti Portrait from Your Photo

A fun group portrait of four young men taken at a family wedding. This stencil was painted numerous times to give to all the boys' families.

Funky, Unique Portraits from your Photographs

Graduation is a day of achievement, a day when opportunity abounds. In this picture I have created a comic-book-pop-art feel to celebrate the enthusiasm for what is to come.
I loved the interaction in this photograph: the way she is looking at him and he not quite at her yet their smile is shared. I imagine this shared moment of joy reflects the joy of their wedding day. In making this painting I concentrated on the two faces, flattening all other detail to emphasise the shared moment.

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