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Jules Artvan

This is a collection artworks I have made over the years, from large finished pieces to quick sketches done in galleries.

If you like any of the pieces in this gallery, or if you would like to commission a work simillar to anything here:

artworks on Etsy
From time to time I put arts and crafts on Etsy.
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sketches on eBay
I regularly post sketches and watercolour artworks on eBay
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Please note I no longer maintain this section of the website so please excuse links and things that are broken.

Commission a graffiti style portrait or picture
The steps to be taken to commission a stencil graffiti style portrait or painting

Watercolour pencil sketches inspired by selfies posted on Twitter and Facebook

Greeting Cards
Stencil graffiti cards for sale on Etsy

A collection of commissioned stencil graffiti artworks.

StoryDots Illustrations
Artworks accompanying stories and anecdotes from

Paintings in which the subject is a person or a small group of people

Natural Still Life
They are always with us, no matter how much we change our environment nature adapts

the nude
to examine the human form is to find stories in the marks life has left on the skin

in the news
sketches and paintings with a political point inspired by the dailies

the social network
reflections on how the image is used in the social media, used and reused

Stencil Graffiti Artworks
A collection of works

original cards that can be posted

small quick works, sometimes posted on ebay when the fancy strikes