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sketches and paintings with a political point inspired by the dailies


Migration Boat

Migrant Boat

Migrant Boat

The Magnificent Seven

Yanis Varoufakis

Amira Abase

Smoking, when we ruled the world

Jonathan Josephs scores again

Pope Francis calls Armenian Massacre 'Genocide'

Dan Lewis, before you vote ukip.

Frontpage News: Blair joins the fight

A better PLAN A Better...

The Future King is Watching You

@Independent Only one political party has not mentioned gay rights...

Hillary Clinton Positioning Herself

Migrant Boat

Welcome to Athens 2015

Len McCluskey

Gunter Grass

A migrant arrives at Corigliano Calabro

Red Mist

Deep Despair

US steps up arms deliveries

Theresa May

Alejandro Conzalez Inarritu

Tony Hall is on the News

Suddenly they saw Nicola Sturgeon in another light

Jimmy Thoronka

Tony Abbott and a Koala Bear at the G20, because they can.

Muhammadu has that winning smile

Run, Chris Grayling, Run

The Commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards

Rosie Rogers, where have all the socialists gone?

Brian Sewell talks about sex

Branson pockets 220m

America's Trailer Parks

Amin Amey



Andy Murray Expresses Himself

John Kerry

Julie Bishop

Mother and Child

Eleanor Tomlinson appearing in Poldark

Angel di Maria

Jeremy Clarkson

Vint Cert

Yonas Fikre

Ashley Judd

Something Missing, George?

Joy in Red and Green

Mother, daughter, son

On the Other Side

Why young women want to join Islamic State

Fences won't put anyone off

Migrants on the Guardia Finanza

How many refugees should the UK take in?

Migrant portraits

Migration Crisis

Migration Portraits

On the other side

Migration Child Portrait

First day at school

Migrant wrapped in a blanket

Migrant Crisis: Faces in a Crowd

Migration Crisis

#intheGuardian: UK will remain at centre

refugee crisis fills us with despair