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the social network

reflections on how the image is used in the social media, used and reused



Bird watching in the park

@Catstello @EscapoloistGI #eachbodysready

@MarielleRestall #eachbodysready

@anneqy #eachbodysready

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Beach Body Protests

Migration Crisis Abstract

Seaside Rendezvous @ATYNudes

Mother, daughter, son

@julesartvan #eachbodysready

Stencil Graffiti Artworks

Was it me you were looking for?

@TimFrost23 #eachbodysready

@FreddyQuinne #eachbodysready

@Flatterfashion #eachbodysready

A moment that changed me

Full image missing

Share a Coke with Jules

Life Posed by Models

Play Rugby

It has never been about the money

New Phone Same News

Baby painting inspired by a visit to the National Gallery

Deep Despair

Don't Tell

The Crowd Approaches

Journey's End

Thoughts of You

Making faces with Felix on Skype

Liberty Leading the Migrants

After Bouguereau's Phyche

Virgin and Child

#nakedselfie on twitter detail


grasping at shadows