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small quick works, sometimes posted on ebay when the fancy strikes


Making faces with Felix on Skype

The offensive organ

An Apple and a Half

Birds of Twitter @MMNNActionUK

Detail from Scorn by Veronese

Migrant Boat

Red Knives

Pulling Faces in Orange

Birds of Twitter

A little bit of London Skyline

A momentary panic

A nude in pink and blue

Julie Bishop

Why young women want to join Islamic State

From Poussin's Nymph, Room 19, National Gallery

Male Nude in Pink

Small stone, two leaves, a pencil and a hand sketch

Baby painting inspired by a visit to the National Gallery

Why young women want to join Islamic State

Self with hand

Fences won't put anyone off

Of course I'm scared, but I don't have any choice but this one.

Migration Crisis Abstract

Migration Portraits

Red, White and Blue Kiss

On the other side

Still life with glass

Migration Boat

Like a jackal in the spotlight

Migrant Boat

First day at school

Migrant Crisis: Faces in a Crowd

Nelson Mandela

Terry Pratchett

Alejandro Conzalez Inarritu

Rhona Fairhead

Migration Child Portrait


How to remain calm when flying

@JambyButch Selfie

Was it me you were looking for?

A Refugee Odyssey

Birds of Twitter @SabrinaMBrennan

Yonas Fikre

Mother, daughter, son

Dirty Old Men at the National Gallery

Discontent nude

A hedgehog walked through my paints


Another hedgehog walked through my paints

Red White and Blue Kiss

blue nude

Memories of you

Artistic Concerns

The Sordid Legacy

Mother and Child

@RaquelWillis_ Selfie

Jeremy Clarkson

Vint Cert

It has never been about the money

Amira Abase

Jimmy Thoronka

Theresa May

Life Posed by Models

Amira Abase

Angel di Maria

The expression of de Brescia

Weathered Pier

Red Jacket

Precious Things Illustration