still life with flowers

A fine thing to paint and a joy to behold, abstract or realistic

Live the life you have imagined
a simple characterful work of art

Still life with glass
simple and effective piece.

Daisy, daisy, give me your answer do.
A delightfully light touch hints at the image rather than thrusting it on the viewer.

Wooden Flower Ornament Abstract
Interesting, paintings of the kitch used to replace paintings.

Abstract Wild Flowers
lively use of watercolour effects

Abstract Flower
White shapes floating in splashes of pink, interesting impression.

Pretty Flower Sketch
bright bold and beautiful

Abstract Weed
grubby yet colourful, weeds force their way into our lives

Live the life you have imagined
A decidedly happy painting with a little melancholy.

simple basic fun

Purple Flower

Purple Flower
Gentle, minimal brushwork

Purple Flower
nothing more than a splodge, really

Live the life you have imagined
The essential in livingroom art.

Purple Flower
faded purple and green

Live the life you have imagined
The picture is really crowded with sunflowers

Abstract Wild Flowers
fun postcard

Abstract Wild Flowers
abstract flowers a little like fireworks

Abstract Line of Flowers
minimalist line of flowers

Live the life you have imagined
Brilliant use of the horizon

Abstract Line of Flowers
as minimal as possible

Sunset Flower
Unusual colour scheme for the flower

apple glass water
just half an apple in a glass of water.

Flower Detail
Slightly obscure making it abstract.

Purple Flower Watercolour Postcard
A flower that does better than its background.

Live the life you have imagined
A painting that feels like home looking for a good home.

A Pink Flower Watercolour Postcard
stylish background for an average flower

Orange Flower Watercolour Postcard
A simple picture, needs an idea.

Anatomically Incorrect Trees
Sometimes drawing exercises have delightful results.

Live the life you have imagined
the detailed work in the flowers is really fine.

The Sordid Legacy
Strange portrait for a strange fascination.

Peach Cut and Elevated
A fun little still life.

Winter Forest in Blue
Splish splash all over the place.

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